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How to improve your posture

Improving posture sounds hard. I understand! You want to improve your posture, but don’t want to spend your whole day doing it. You see yourself in pictures (or in the mirror for that matter) and you think “I wish I had better posture, but what can I do?” Learning how to improve posture does not have to be difficult, but it will take a little effort on your part. You just don’t want to spend weeks or months spinning your wheels and wondering why you don’t look any better.

How To Improve Posture By Remembering

This Is Nearly Impossible!

The first thing I decided when I became determined to improve my posture was that I would just remember to sit up and stand up straight throughout the day. I set a reminder on my phone, on my computer, sticky notes… geez, it was like I was nagging myself!

After a few days, the reminders got a little easier to ignore. I still figured out that holding myself up all day (I work at a computer like most people), was exhausting I was still spending a majority of my day with less than perfect posture. I knew this strategy just wasn’t going to be what worked for me long term.

How To Improve Posture With Supports

This Is Where Things Started Getting Expensive…
Next I reasoned that the best way to improve posture meant that I needed more “support” if I was going to be successful. I changed my pillow on my bed to one of the wavy kinds, I bought a little lumbar pillow for my ride into work, and added some support to my office chair.

I have to say that for the first week, I thought I had done it! I thought, “Yes! I’m getting better posture!” My back felt great and felt supported in all the right places. The next week, I still felt pretty good, but just not as good. It was like the effect was wearing off. It was too early for the pillow to have gone flat, so I didn’t get it.

How To Improve Posture With A Brace

Not Attractive, But I Was Desperate!
My next step was that I believed that I needed to get more aggressive with the supports. Maybe a pillow just wasn’t enough. If I had an around the clock, always on best posture corrector brace, my posture was sure to improve.

You’ve probably seen the before and after pictures. In the “before” pic, the person has posture much like mine was. In the after pic, the posture is perfect! That’s what I wanted!

The effect of the brace was noticeable immediately. My shoulders were, in fact, pulled back and in the right place. I could tell I looked better, and I sure felt better… again, for about a week.

One day, I go to take a shower, take off the brace and I can see that my posture is no better, possibly worse. What I realized at that moment is that my muscles were getting weaker.

Wearing a posture brace is a lot like wearing a cast on a broken arm. Have you seen someone right after they take off a cast? Their arm is smaller, not bigger. They got weaker, not stronger. I looked it up. It’s called muscle atrophy, and it’s what happens when your muscles aren’t being used. Yikes!

How To Improve Posture With Exercise

But Not Just Any ‘Ol Exercise…
Once it clicked for me that there was no real way to improve posture “with no work on my part,” I just wanted to know how to do the least amount of work possible. I’m not big on going to the gym all the time.

When I do go, I wasn’t totally positive that everyone there knew what they were doing anyway. There were lots of people with bad posture there, and they work out all the time! So getting my muscles stronger was going to be necessary to improve my posture, and exercise is the only way to do that.

Which exercises to do? I went through a lot of programs (and there’s good ones out there), but finally settled in with I wanted the information now and wanted to be able to watch it immediately and get the help I needed.